Get to know ENNA!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009 00:00

In the continuation to the Missing Link project (2006/07), which identified major cross-sectoral national associations in Europe, another meeting took place in Brussels on 21/22 July. Following the fruitful exchange in Brussels, Glasgow (June 2008) and La Rochelle (Sep 2008), the former Missing Link group is now coming together into the (Informal) European Network of National Associations: ENNA.


Accompanied by an impressive firework because of the national day in Belgium, the vision of the future network was worked out commonly towards strengthening the democratic role of civil society in Europe and re-defining the political culture towards greater participation of civil society and citizens.

Thanks to a successful application done by OFOP in Poland to the European Citizens Programme, the next meeting of ENNA can take place 26–28 of November in Warsaw and 11-13 of March in London. Thank you Anna Mazgal for your anticipatory preparation!

To know more about ENNA, keep connected, as we will report regularly about the progress of the new European Network of National Associations.